Go Back to Basics with Your Nutrition

During our last blog post, we discussed the power of protein and fiber. These two items, when incorporated into your daily diet, can help you naturally control the amount of calories you intake on a daily basis without painstakingly counting every calorie in every food you eat.

Thus by eating more, you lose or control weight. Now let’s get more specific.


Move from Knowing to Doing: Generate Positive Change & Program Compliancy Through Coaching

Know your numbers has been a huge buzz phrase in workplace wellness programs over the past few years. It sounds like an easy concept, but many organizations find it challenging. Some groups struggle to find time each year to offer onsite screening events, forget to include them in their wellness budget, and/or fail to see the value in biometrics if they see little to no change in the aggregate data year over year. On the flipside, some organizations consistently offer screenings up to twice annually. (more…)

Bring Together Benefits & Wellness (Your Employees Will Thank You!)

As a Wellness Specialist, I repeatedly find that employees are seeking to better understand their benefits and how to use them wisely. Now on the blog is an interview with Molly Kane, a licensed insurance agent and Principal of Dovetail Consulting. She specializes in excess workers’ compensation, international travel & medical, individual & group health and voluntary benefits.


Wellness Committees – What You Need to Know

Perhaps you're considering a Wellness Committee or you already have one in place. Regardless, this is an ideal time of year to get everyone excited and re-engaged in your workplace wellness initiative. People are primed for change and they need your support to put their new health plans into action. But where does the Wellness Committee fit in?

Here are our top tips for making the most of these wellness ambassadors: