Simple Ways to Maximize Your Morning

The early hours of the morning can be a magical time. It’s a new day, a fresh start and it’s the perfect time to take care of YOU before the rest of your family or the world needs you. How your morning unfolds sets the tone for the entire day. Starting the day in a calm, methodical way is a far more peaceful beginning than oversleeping and frantically running out the door without breakfast. Home stress gets brought to work and amplifies tenfold once you’re managing people, projects and meetings. Here are a few ways you can take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to set the stage for success both at work and home: (more…)

Five Reasons Why Businesses of All Sizes Need Wellness

Whether a business is powered by thousands of employees or a solo entrepreneur, wellness practices and programming are powerful. Wellness is not merely the absence of disease, it contributes to a deeper sense of satisfaction at both work and home. Well-being fuels creativity and cognition. It connects people to one another and encourages emotional intelligence, physical capacity and discovery of passion and purpose. So why then is wellness a business’ responsibility? (more…)