Wellness is a decision. It’s not merely an investment with a good ROI. It begins with a mindset.

Working onsite with clients is the most rewarding part of our jobs and it’s what makes our custom programs unique. As a Wellness Collective client, we will engage with your employees regularly so they will come to see us as co-travelers on their wellness journey.

We are proud to have a wonderful portfolio of clients who believe in the work we do, including those listed below and many more! All of the organizations that we work with strive to better the lives of their employees through wellness.

We are very creative in our approach with proven methods to provide workplace wellness offerings to a number of different workplace scenarios – multi-site locations, distribution centers, and employees who are working remotely. Our goal is to free up time in your day while simultaneously boosting your employees’ health, happiness and motivation!


As industry experts, our clients value our knowledge and expertise. We establish trust through meaningful exchanges and outstanding customer service.


Every business has a unique set of strengths, challenges and desired outcomes. We work closely with you to recommend the very best programming.


We believe wellness can be achieved by positively impacting 12 core content areas. From Positivity and Gratitude to Movement, these areas form the basis of the work we do.


We are responsive, onsite and hands-on. We can offer you the ultimate wellness experience, thanks to the support and rapport developed with our Coaches, Trainers, Instructors and Wellness Specialists.


Wellness is not one size fits all for your business or your individual employees. You have the ability to customize your experience.


With our unique curriculum of programs and services, we address the whole person and empower people to thrive at work and home!


“Over the past 9 years, I have never felt like Wellness Collective was just executing a contract – they truly invest their time and energy into our associates. It’s been clear that their Wellness Specialists are very passionate about what they do and that they really care about improving the health and well-being of our associates. I also appreciate their responsiveness, the relationships they’ve created with our associates, and their ability to handle the day to day needs of our associates.” – Courtney, Motorists Insurance Group