Fall Into Fitness … How To Keep Your Body, Mind & Employees at their Best!

Here we are … at the end of the summer and the beginning of fall. Tasks, goals and resolutions may be baring down on us and an overwhelming, yet familiar, feeling is coming in. How do you prioritize the chaos while balancing your wellbeing? Productivity, financial and emotional fitness can all be approached in the same manner.

What if I fall? You tried a new program, an investment or meeting style, but things turned out flat and unsuccessful. Start with figuring out what went wrong and why. This can be used for any area requiring a reset. You can’t move on or get back up if you don’t realize the WHY.

Was it the time frame? Were the expectations you put on yourself or others unrealistic? Was the goal or exercise program un-obtainable from the start? Once you figure out the possible issues you can correct them in the future.

How do I start over? Trying a new approach, either as a team for work or as an individual with an exercise program or financial choice, is step one. What worked in the past may not work now. After you’ve determined what your downfall is, then you can correct it with a new approach.

For example, what if afternoon meetings leave employees disengaged and unproductive afterwards. Then you could consider switching the time frame of these meetings, perhaps to the the morning when everyone isn’t overwhelmed mentally with other work issues or concerned with items that need to be done at home after work. Try also making these meetings a little shorter and always ending on a positive note.

Keep on track and be accountable! All fitness goals, employees or family event planning need to be kept on track. One good way to do this is to physically write tasks down in a planner every day to identify what’s most important and let the rest of the day fill itself in. When the week is over you have a visual of the progress you’ve made throughout the week.

Keep your tasks and goals attainable. Make sure what you are expecting of yourself and others is manageable so you can accomplish your goals.

Also ask someone to keep you accountable if tasks aren’t met. This can be for an employee working to a project on time or even a spouse assigned specific household jobs.

Remember, even among all of your To Dos, be sure that your personal and emotional fitness remains a top priority too!

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